Christian Motorcyclists of the World

You will find below Christian biker groups in the world. We are still adding new groups and this list is not exhaustive. Links to other sites are not updated on an ongoing basis. Thank you for reporting if you find any errors or links that no longer works here.

If you are responsible for a group of Christian bikers and you are not yet on this page, you can apply here.

The Christian biker groups presented here have their own beliefs and functioning. They are noted here for information; free to everyone to make his own opinion. In no case is Route 777 responsible for the beliefs and operations of these groups!




Christian Motorcyclists Association / CMA Sud Africa


God’s Squad CMC


Christian Motorcyclists Association / CMA Canada


Bikers For Christ MM / BFC USA

Christian Motorcyclists Association / CMA USA

Disciple Christian MC

Tribe of Judah




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